Silky Smooth Skin

Waxing is the least damaging method for temporary removal of hair; it provides silky smooth skin very quickly, it also promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells thus improving skin health at the same time. Whether youre looking for a quick bikini line, glamorous Hollywood, full leg, or exotic Brazilian waxing, we have you covered.

Hot or Strip Wax

They say No pain, no gain, however our highly qualified staff will ensure the treatment will be as pain free as possible using hot or strip wax. The superior products that we use provide fast skin healing, avoid in-grown hair, and also promote finer hair regrowth; this results in the subsequent treatments being less painful.

Why not treat yourself to a new hairstyle or try our eyebrow threading to discover the perfect shape for your eyebrows. If you need any any more information, you can contact us here.