Philip Kingsley Stockist

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Holistic Approach to Hair

Philip Kinglsey products are designed by taking into consideration the internal and external needs of healthy. Their trichological research for the past 100 years has resulted in a brilliant line of hair styling products, as well as hair loss prevention products, and also products for helping with scalp conditions. Philip Kingsley Elasticizers are a must have product that restores elasticity, bounce, manageability, and gives shine to damaged hair, feel free to contact us to find more.

Current Stock

  • Coconut Breeze Elasticizer NEW NEW NEW

  • Geranium & Neroli Elasticizer

  • Regular and Extreme Elasticizers

  • Tricho 7, Tricho Pro, & Tricho Complex

  • Body Building Range

  • Moisture Balancing Range

  • Flaky Itchy Range

  • Maximizer

  • Exfoliating, & Stimulating Scalp Masks

  • Scalp Toners

  • & Many more