Our facial and body massage treatments are specifically tailored help you relax, and unwind. Using some of the best products on the markets, such as Dermalogica, your skin will be revived and rejuvenated.

Body Massage

Modern lifestyles result in building up of tension in many muscle groups especially in the head, neck, shoulders, and back areas. Treat yourself to an indulgent deep tissue massage to help alleviate those tensions, while making your skin soft and smooth.


Dehydration and pollution can have negative effects on skin, and result in faster ageing process. Our anti-ageing and rejuvenating facials help to re-hydrate your skin, and fight early signs of ageing by targeting wrinkles, fine lines, and adding moisture and softness into your skin. Our current promotion includes a 30-30-30 Dermalogica kit that contains four of the most popular Dermalogica products.