KMS California Stockist

Innovative hair products

KMS uses latest innovations in technology fused nature to produce a wide range of hair products for many different hair types and hair conditions. 

current stock

  • Free Shape: unlimited, long-lasting transformation with hot tools
  • Moist Repair: moisture and repair for dry or damaged hair
  • Colour Vitality: color retention and vibrancy for color treated hair, neutralizes unwanted yellow tones
    in blonde hair
  • Curl Up: curl enhancement, control and definition for naturally curly or wavy hair
  • Silk Sheen: instant shine for a natural, polished and effortless style
  • Hair Stay: style retention and durability
  • Hair Play: freeform texture and pliability
  • Head Remedy: scalp relief for special scalp needs
  • Add Volume: increases volume, body and fullness